Tissue Engineering
and Regenerative Medicine

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The TERM project, a FP7 funded project, has the objective to encourage and reinforce the attractiveness of European regions supporting research-driven clusters in the field of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

Since these ‘Advanced Therapies’ are often based on personalized medicine, the translation of medical developments into real-life, sustainable therapies is challenged by several hurdles. There is a need for new scientific, economic and structural solutions. Europe has to improve its research capacities and accelerate translation to catch up with the US and keep ahead of rapidly developing Asian countries.


The TERM project aims at structuring the research through cooperation between regional clusters and regional authorities to ensure research stakeholders get the maximum support. The innovative approach consists in developing a common strategy and a Joint Action Plan to be implemented by regional authorities in view of developing later Knowledge Intensive Business Tools and Services for increasing the capacity of all research stakeholders to better integrate the value chain, as well as better target and valorise their knowledge and resources.