Feb 20, 2013

Conference on Innovation and Patient access to Personalised Medicine

The emerging field of personalised medicine is offering innovative ways of tackling Europe's health issues. But Europe's healthcare system is not yet fully adapted to take advantage of the possibilities. How can patients get access to the benefits that are on the brink of becoming available through personalised medicine?

This is the theme of a conference organised by EAPM under the Irish Presidency of the EU, in Dublin on March 20-21.

The meeting will bring together researchers, patients, physicians, regulators and politicians, to explore the current barriers and how they can be dismantled.Expert panels will examine potential ways through the obstacles that Europe currently poses - in relation to clinical trials, the links between diagnosis and treatment, reimbursement, training of healthcare professionals, and sharing of data.

A clear outline will be presented of what personalised medicine has achieved to date, and what it can achieve in the future - for patients, for healthcare systems, and for Europe's international competitiveness.

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