Mar 21, 2013

Workshop report - Towards Translational Research infrastructures in Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine.

In October 2012, a workshop on research infrastructures (RI) was held in the framework of the FP7-funded TERM project (Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine), whose objective is to encourage and reinforce the attractiveness of European regions by supporting research-driven clusters in that biomedical field. More than 30 representatives within the TERM consortium were invited to demonstrate top-class facilities and share experience on management issues.

The discussions centered on the role of the RIs in the innovation process. A particular emphasis was placed on the development of public private partnership and the opportunity to convert discovery platforms into translational ones. The debate clearly pointed out that criteria of excellence may vary considerably between the European Commission and the regional representatives: whereas the managers of facilities often consider equipment and know-how as the added values of the RIs, the European representative emphasizes the importance of the access to well-characterized patients.


The full report of this workshop is available here.