Mar 18, 2013

Mentoring day in Wallonia

Technology Transfers from clinical practice to spin off/start up creation: How to make the big step?

The objective of this event was to contribute to the emergence of a Regenerative Medicine industry in Europe, encouraging Technology Transfers from universities & centers of excellence in scientific research to entrepreneurship. By industry we mean players in an ecosystem that covers all activities related to the development of cell therapy products and/or Regenerative Medicine (biomaterials, nanomaterials, specialized CRO, medical devices, regulatory affairs, patent offices, biologistics …). Several stakeholders from different regions of the TERM consortium participated to the event : clinicians with cell therapy treatments, projects leaders with a business project in ATMP, spin-off leaders in the field of Regenerative Medicine, representatives of research centers…

This event was organized in Wallonia by BioWin, with the participation of the three main companies active in Regenerative Medicine in Wallonia (Bone Therapeutics, Cardio 3 Biosciences & Promethera Biosciences). These companies operated a successful technology transfer and participants had the chance to discuss with those business executives and to visit one of the companies during the day.

Ranking pozyczek

We hope this day will help actors in Regenerative Medicine to make the big step and conduct Technology Transfers in this field, to participate to the emergence of a Regenerative Medicine industry all around Europe.